Tips To Operating A Home Based Business Online

The following tips are crucial in operating and maintaining a lucrative home based legitimate business online. Though, not often mentioned in internet marketing literatures, they can mean the success and failure of your home based business online if not looked into seriously.

Let’s start with your computer. How old is it? If it’s more than 4 years old, up-grade it if you can or better still change it. Look, you don’t want to run an online business with an unreliable computer. Belief me, this will be worth your investment. A little tip before on purchasing a new computer. If it runs on Windows Vista, make sure the RAM size is 2GB or more. Lower than that and your computer will be sluggish. If you are a notebook person like me, make sure to test the screen size you are most comfortable with. A 13.3inch would be the minimum for me. Smaller and it would strain your eyes.

Are you promoting affiliate programs? I promote loads of them and that’s why I keep a database of all the programs I am affiliated to in a simple spreadsheet. I include in it the affiliate manager’s url, my affiliate links, login ID, login password, their support email addresses, email address I used to subscribe to them, payment gateways, payment received, payment pending and remarks. This will give you an easy reference and a good way to monitor your paychecks. OpenOffice offers a free spreadsheet software download at their homepage.

One thing most people do not do except for IT personnels, is to back up your files. As a home based legitimate business online owner, your database is your goldmine. For example, I keep a database of my newsletter subscribers, affiliate programs (above) and hosting directories. You should too and always keep a back up copy of them in a secondary storage device like an external hard drive. You can even store them in a DVD-ROM. Just burn it. To make your job easier, store all your critical files in a common directory. I save all my home based business online related files in a directory called “IM” for internet marketing. When I do a backup, I just copy the whole file. Simple right.

Here’s another one. Make sure your site is up and running. Test it at least once a day. Make sure your site opens up when you enter your site url in the web browser. After it does, do a random check on the links you have on your site to ensure there are no broken links. If there are then fix them. There may be changes to the links without you knowing about them. There are softwares available in the market you can use to check this for you, but a random manual check is recommended. The plus point to this is, you tend to spend more time on your site hence, can easily identify discrepancies and rectify them if any.

Above are some of the more important tips that I have used and still am using to ensure the smooth running of my home based legitimate business online. Though not often being highlighted as part of a marketing strategy, yet can mean the survival of your home based business online venture.

Points To Consider When Choosing A Web Hosting For Your Legitimate Business Online

It is without a doubt that one of the first things to consider when you start out on a legitimate business online is getting a professional and reliable web hosting service. Many people don’t do research and end up simply picking the cheapest one they can find in the market. This is very risky thing to do. The lively hood of your online business depends on a good and reliable web hosting service. You do not want potential customers clicking on your site’s url only to find a blank page.

The above is one of many important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company. You want your website to be available when there’s traffic right? Always choose a professional and reliable hosting with a good support team. Don’t settle for free hosting if your are really serious about building your business for the long-term. Most free hosting makes use of your website for advertisements.

Here’s a simple guide to choosing the right web hosting service. Factors you should pay attention to when deciding on one.

The hosting space that you get. 50GB is the minimum you should get. You will use it up quite quickly once you start uploading images, banners and article writing. You can host your free wordpress blog with your hosting and that will certainly take up a considerable amount of space too when you start blogging. Go for big when it comes to space availability for your legitimate business online website.

Bandwidth. Your bandwidth should not be less than 1GB. What happens here is, when your bandwidth is close to it’s limit, your website will load or open very slowly. This sluggishness will cause your visitors to just click away, thus, loosing potential customers. If you exceed the limit however, your webpage will not open and that is not good for your business online.

Another criteria to look into would be the script and database of support. If you use PHP, MYSQL or CGI, you have to ensure that your web hosting supports this. Though, most paid hosting do, don’t assume. You can always contact their customer service to confirm.

Do they provide email accounts. Is yes, how many. Most would offer unlimited email addresses. Do they support web mail? With web mails, your emails can be accessed anywhere around the world through the internet. Do they provide extra services like unlimited autoresponders, membership script or ad tracking software for the price of the hosting? If they do then that’s a more reason why you should consider them. That’s good savings for the autoresponder service alone, not to mention the ad tracking software.

You can use the tips above as a checklist in deciding a web hosting service for your legitimate business online website. If it fulfills the above requirements, then you can be sure you are in good hands.